The VV has recently received some actual copies of The Times, dating back to the summer of 1850 - and apart from the slightest sneezing attack brought on by the pungent aroma of such musty antique items their persual has been a real delight. 

Who would not have wished to see the Regent's Park Diorama display - with views of the castle at Stolzenfels, seen at sunset and during a thunder storm?

And if that was not exciting enough, then how about a trip to Cremorne (one of the settings to appear in the VV's forthcoming Victorian novel) with it's Wonderful Dog and Monkey shows?

Then again how could any performing dog be as clever as 'Bow-wow' - who took himself off to the 'chymist' when finding his paw attacked by a pin? Well, the VV cannot begin to think.

Perhaps Bow-wow's master had been laid up, unable to walk because of the gout - in which case the dog might next be sent to purchase some medicinal brew in the highly efficicous form of a bottle or cask of Stogumber Pale Ale? 

Such clippings are but a taster of the articles and advertisements printed up in old copies of The Times.  Should you wish to purchase one of your own please contact Historic Newspapers who were kind enough to send along the VV's fine example.


  1. That Cremorne entry is very interesting; if in 1850 then these events must have been under the 2nd owner's tenure. In case it is of interest, may I mention this book which relates to that location?

  2. Oh, how fun! I've heard of this before form another Victorian Era lover. Thanks for sharing some of the tidbits from your copy. And so happy to hear you're working on a new novel! Wonderful news!

  3. What a delight. I am writing about diorama these days (for my eyes only).

  4. I remember from my own research that there's nothing like holding the paper in your hands.

    Microfilm, computer versions, can't compare.

  5. Hi, I'm your new follower. Great blog, great idea and you had me enrolled at the word "Viking" below !

  6. Thank you, Silver Bunny. So glad you like the blog - it's been a little quiet of late owing to other commitments - but I hope to back with new posts very soon.

  7. Rehan - wonderful! Diorama so intriguing.