Tuesday, 17 September 2013


In Endsleigh House hotel there are some glorious examples of early nineteenth century wallpaper that date back to the time of the house's construction. Shown above are some views of the birds that adorn a room on the ground floor.

But there is also a bedroom with the most lovely hand-painted walls, and here the VV was lucky enough to be able to sleep herself when staying at Endsleigh last weekend ~ when she was able to capture these truly stunning images ~

There will be a great deal more on a bedroom with dark green painted walls; one adorned with exotic birds, with trees and flowers and butterflies which provides a somewhat sinister venue in the VV's forthcoming novel ~ The Goddess and The Thief.


  1. Were there any limits set regarding how much wallpaper decoration was suitable? Eg could all four walls be covered, or just above the dado rail, or just in bedrooms? Beautiful flowers, trees and birds could overwhelm the modern resident, although I acknowledge that Victorians might have felt differently.

  2. These wallpapers are stunning! It would be like having a room full of murals.

  3. So lovely! Were they painted silk?