My first novel, The Diamond was published in Russia late last year - under the title of Brilliant. This translated blurb makes me chuckle...

Description of the lot (should that be plot?)

Dashing twirled plot! Full story riddles! Gothic flavour soaked mystery and intrigue...Immerse yourself in the ghostly atmosphere of the novel, written in the best traditions of Thirteen Tales of Diana Setterfild!
The quiet life of a young  Alice Willoughby ends in the night when she becomes involved in a séance with the Queen Victoria...To his dismay at the time of contact with the spirits she saw this ghost.

Discover the true gift of Alice, bastard Gregory wants to take  possession of the will and the body of a clairvoyant. He intoxicating drugs and seduces her. Some time later, the girl discovers with horror that the abuser was contemplating using it to steal the legendary Indian diamond...
If you want more, you’ll just have to read it – that is if you can read Russian! I can’t.

Who knows what has actually been translated. But it’s still a real book.

And I like the cover.


  1. Well that's difficult to decipher - so I am curious what would the cover page say if you were to compose one?

  2. Hello Paul - That's a good question. It would be something more like...

    Alice Willoughby, the daughter of a spiritualist medium, is lured into a world of crime and sexual exploitation, in which Gregory Tilsbury – her Mother’s unnerving accomplice – believes the girl’s fate to be bound with his own: linked to an ancient Hindoo myth surrounding the Koh-i-nor Diamond.

    A dramatic and twisting plot leads to a tragic climax, in which the Diamond’s promise proves to be more of a curse.

    Set in Victorian Windsor, and the Punjab in India, The Diamond is a sensual, gothic romance, with themes of obsession, theft and betrayal.