Following on from her previous post about Sir W S Gilbert, the VV has just ordered a copy of the 1999 Mike Leigh film, Topsy-Turvy.

Topsy-Turvy dramatises the events between 1884 and 1885 during the Savoy Theatre production of the Mikado, depicting all the stresses and strains between Mr Gilbert and Mr Sullivan - both on, behind, and off the stage.

The opera was inspired when Gilbert and his wife went to visit an exhibition of Japanese art in Knightsbridge. When the musical had been written and rehearsals were well in progress he brought in some of the Japanese girls who showed the ladies of the chorus how to walk and use their fans in the most convincing manner - in fact, giving them quite a snap if the following clip is anything to go by -

From what the VV has seen so far the film is a feast of colour and song, and with stars such as Timothy Spall, Jim Broadbent and Leslie Manville, it promises a great deal indeed.

The VV shall return to this post in due course and give her comments on the film, and meanwhile if you've already seen Topsy Turvy please do let her know what you thought.


  1. A completely brilliant film. Every time I see it I see more. VV you will love it.

  2. I ADORE this film. Have loved G&S since introduced to Iolanthe aged about eight, and was a bit doubtful when I first heard about the film, but it's brilliant.

  3. I too absolutely adore this film. I did a great deal of Gilbert and Sullivan in school growing up, so this movie for me was a treat.

  4. It seems that I've really been missing a treat!

  5. This film got me hooked on G&S, check out the Aussie DVD of Patience the aesthetic opera, I think that you will love it.

  6. Thank you, James - I will look out for that...