It is Easter, 1872. Fires burn in St. Petersburgh, a prelude to the revolutionary turmoil that will shake Russia a generation later. As the springtime thaw begins, a body rises to the surface of the Winter Canal. Following an anonymous tip-off, magistrate Porfiery Petrovich is drawn into an investigation of the radical intellectuals who seek to fan the flames of the revolution.

Could this be the last of Porfiry Petrovich?

For all you fans of the R N Morris' St Petersburgh Mysteries in which the investigator from Dostoevksy's Crime and Punishment lives on to pursue new crimes, the VV is able to offer a free copy of this his latest novel in the series. Please send your name and email address via virtualvictorian@gmail.com and the VV will draw a winner from the proverbial russian hat - she does have one you know! It looks rather smart.

ADDENDUM: The draw for The Cleansing Flames has now been made and the winner will be emailed shortly. Sorry to those who didn't win but just to let you know that Roger Morris will be doing a talk this coming Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 - it has been organised by the Friends of Croydon Library and will be held at the United Reformed Church, Addiscombe Grove, East Croydon. You can book on 0208 660 0775 or tickets will be available on the door.

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