The VV is delighted to see that David Bullock's The Man Who Would Be Jack ~ an investigation into the identity of the infamous Jack the Ripper ~ has recently been updated in a brand new edition. 

David Bullock has spent many years researching the Jack the Ripper case, during which time he has managed to gain exclusive access to Broadmoor's patient records.

Thomas Hayne Cutbush

Broadmoor is the hospital for the criminally insane where Thomas Hayne Cutbush, the man Bullock suspects as being the Ripper, was confined for many years. The Cutbush story is intriguing. Indeed, for a time, The Sun newspaper had been convinced that he was the murderer, with many of its journalists providing witness testimonies. However, due to a flawed police report, Cutbush was eventually cleared.

As well as providing factual evidence which overturns this legal decision, David Bullock's descriptions of the man and also the dreadful Ripper crimes are conveyed so very vividly that the reader cannot help but be swept up in the book's momentum. It provides a most convincing case.

David Bullock (41) lives in Berkshire with his wife and son. He has been researching the Jack the Ripper case for over 26 years. After releasing the first edition of The Man Who Would Be Jack in 2012 (Robson Press), David went on to collaborate on The Little Book of Jack The Ripper (History Press 2014). 

David is a regular speaker on the subject of criminal history as well as being a contributor on a number of crime journals. He was also the historical advisor on The Sixth Victim by Tessa Harris (Kensington Press 2017).

In 2013 David appeared in the acclaimed Channel 5 documentary Inside Broadmoor, charting the history of the Broadmoor Asylum.

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