When Coca-­Cola was first produced it was claimed to have many health-enhancing properties. 

But there was one particular ingredient in what was originally labelled as Pemberton’s French Wine Cola that is definitely not included today ~ and that was an infusion of coca leaves.

Pemberton had been inspired after learning about the restorative nature of a French wine called Vin Mariani – and that produced by another Chemist in 1863. Angelo Mariani had discovered the 'medicinal effects' of infusing wine with coca leaves. Indeed, his Vin Mariani eventually contained 7.2mg cocaine to each fluid ounce of wine which entirely altered the drink’s composition and the subsequent results when imbibed!

The potion was marketed as a tonic to restore energy and vitality – and indeed it was thought to be so fine that Queen Victoria herself was said to tipple frequently. 

Among other glowing testimonies from the famous, the good, and the great, Pope Leo XIII had been so pleased with the wine's restorative affects that he happily agreed to appear on a poster endorsing the miraculous drink - and awarded a special gold medal too.

What can the VV add to that but, Cheers!

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