Whilst on her travels this summer, the VV has had the pleasure of visiting the Musee Des Arts-Forains which is situated in the Bercy District of Paris.

The museum (which is built on the site of some Eiffel-era wine warehouses) is the most amazing place - full of antique wonders related to the history of funfairs and carnivals. The tours are relaxed and also interactive, which makes it a wonderful venue to take any inquisitive child ~ or simply the child within yourself.

Once you enter the doors it's not at all hard to imagine why Woody Allen used the museum in his film Midnight in Paris, as the setting for a riotous Roaring 20's party held by F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. But to show just how flamboyant and magical it is, below are a selection of photographs ~

And finally, the VV would like to thank Jean Paul Flavand ~ Founder of the Musee Des Arts Forains.


  1. Ohhh, I've been to Paris twice with my husband and never knew about this museum. We usually are hooked on seeing Impressionist paintings in as many museums as we can find with them. But I love carousels and carnival memorablia, and my husband loves learning about wines (you say this is built on the site of Eiffel era wine warehouses. Are there any museums regarding that?) At any rate, if we get another chance to go to Paris (cross fingers and toes), the Musee Des Arts Forains is on the list!

  2. Do go, Elizabeth. It's quite a unique experience.

  3. I thought I was smart, discovering monumental elephants in French public art. But now you have shown at least two impressive elephants in the Musee Des Arts-Forains in Paris. Clearly all these elephants represented leisure and fun in France, showing up in carnivals, the Moulin Rouge etc! Like Elizabeth, I must get myself to this museum, next time we are there.

    thanks for the link

  4. Hels, thank you! I can't open the link here but am just going to your site via the web...

    1. Wonderful! Especially Napoleon's monument.