SIR! YES YOU, SIR! The gentleman with the splendid moustache! Have you considered preserving such a  finely modelled work of art from the all pervading perils to be found in an innocent cup of tea?

Oh yes, in dampness danger lurks. A prettily painted china cup may be your whiskers' nemesis. The rising steam from your boiling brew may well play untold havoc when the wax of your manly tusks then melts. One moment of sloppy slurping. Many hours of soggy, drooping tache, not to mention the embarrassment of subsequent mockery aroused.

BUT WAIT! There is an answer. A simple, but ingenious device to preserve your facial hair from stain and to keep it stiff from dawn till dusk. 

We bring you the moustache guard cup ~ invented by the English potter, Mr Harvey Adams ~ a porcelain object so finely wrought as to grace the most gentile table top. And the only effort required in use is to settle your whiskers on the ledge, then sip away to your heart's content; to enjoy an unsullied cup of tea.

Now, sir...will you pour, or shall I?


  1. Yay! I've always loved these. I saw an amazing collection on Antiques Roadshow (UK) once.

  2. I too think that moustache cups were a simple but clever invention that probably did do what they said they would do: preserve his facial hair from stain and to keep it stiff from dawn till dusk.

    But Sir A Conan Doyle (the second photo) looks quite smart. But the fourth chap looks tragic. And another thing - did anyone ask the wives how it felt to be kissed by a hairy, prickly, waxy face?

  3. Oh, Hels - it's a horrible thought!

  4. I have one Meaghan - blue and white. Sadly no saucer.