TA DAH! What a handsome devil he is!

This is one of the VV's favourite designs; an example of Ramona Szczerba's work ~ and Ramona has also created the glorious banner that now heads the Virtual Victorian website.

The VV thinks it is perfect and smiles every time that she loads the page ~ to see this beautiful, quirky design with such strong Victorian elements. Very Penny Dreadful, don't you think?

But, as pictures can speak so much louder than words, there are more images below ~ some of which  have been chosen to adorn various other publishing ventures. And should you wish to see the full range, which incorporates other colours and themes, please do visit Ramona's Etsy shop, or follow her on Facebook, or Twitter .

And now... on with the sensational show...


About the art: 

My collages are hand cut and hand assembled vintage images and illustrations on canvas or watercolor paper and embellished with Dresden trim, ribbon, charms, crystals and other fancy-striking bits. Canvases do not require a frame to hang.

About the artist:

When Ramona Szczerba (a.k.a, Winona Cookie) is not being a psychologist in private practice in San Diego, she’s busy making art, something she has done for as long as she can remember. She enjoys creating whimsical children’s illustrations in watercolor, but also loves working with collage and assemblage. She favors the darkest faeries, legendary women, arcane subject matter and inventors who never were. . She has illustrated several coloring books, including Steampunk Paperdolls published by Dover. Her art and stories appear in an anthology of steampunk short fiction, Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded and she is included in The Steampunk Bible. An artist tutorial and several works will be included in the upcoming Steampunk User's Manual (Abrams) next year.

About the stories: 

When I create these collages, stories come to me as I work on them, usually beginning with the character’s name and evolving from there. It’s as though their stories really happened, and if they didn’t, they should have. Sometimes the story is assertive enough to influence the artwork and take it in its own direction. While parts of my own life occasionally find their way into the narrative, it’s almost as if the characters take shape and tell their own stories. I make good use of Wikipedia and other resources in an effort to get details as accurate as I can manage. I am greatly humbled by and grateful to my muse, and I try to leave a plate of cookies out for her periodically, both as a token of my gratitude and as a blatant bribe.


  1. I think the girl on the Seahorse might be your favourite Essie :-) I like the guy with the coffee grinder for a hat.

  2. Ramona Szczerba is a demented genius! I want to see all these pieces as animated gifs!

  3. They are all fabulous, George. I've loved Ramona's work for so long. And Stefan - I love the idea of a demented genius. I'll have to speak with my daughter - she's been working on a lot of animations of late…