This film, from the National Museums Scotland, describes the restoration of some truly beautiful panels of French panoramic wallpaper.

Below are some more examples of panoramic wallpaper designs.


Until the 1840's peopled landscapes were popular, often showing exotic locations, or scenes from myth or history. The pacific-inspired scene above was created in 1805. It consisted of 20 wallpaper strips that could then be arranged in various orders to create individual designs.

Here is an oriental scene.

Here a fantastical world of birds.

Here, some ornate drapery.

Here, another exquisite Decor Chinois ~ these being a small selection of panels preserved from the early 20th century. They were auctioned at Christies in 2008 for the sum of £3,750.

Thanks for this post's inspiration goes to Sally-Anne Huxtable, Principal Curator or Modern and Contemporary Design at National Museums Scotland.

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