In old age Queen Victoria was as stout as she was high. Only five feet tall, and yet she possessed a 50 inch waist - and a most impressive 66 inch bust.

But, I wonder if she would be amused to know that, in July 2008, a pair of her bloomers was auctioned at Mackworth in Derbyshire. Attracting interest from as far afield as Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia and New York, after much frenzied bidding they were finally sold to a 'lady of leisure' in Canada for the sum of £4,500.

I wonder if that lady was as large as Victoria. I wonder if she has tried them on.

UPDATE! Another pair of Victoria's undergarments have just been given National Designated Status, having been purchased for display in the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection. This particular item of clothing was originally found in the laundry rooms at Kensington Palace and has been 'held' in private hands for over 100 years before being  auctioned only this past Tuesday, for the far more reasonable price of £600.

The bloomers are open crotch, with a drawstring waist and a finely embroidered monogram.


  1. She was never thin, but was not unpretty when young. The poor woman did not recover from the death of her dear Albert, and sat around getting fat and making life hard for her unfortunate children.

    Queen Victoria, 1843