A Mermaid by J W Waterhouse 

Following a recent post regarding the best-loved Pre-Raphaelite paintings, the following are suggestions collected from your comments here, and from friends on Twitter and Facebook. The VV is very happy that so many of you chose work by J W Waterhouse - a current favourite of her own, even though he is not strictly a Pre-Raphaelite, being of the next generation. But his work is definitely in 'the mode'.

Circe Passing the Cup to Ulysses by J W Waterhouse

Circes Invidiosa by J W Waterhouse

The Lady of Shallot by J W Waterhouse

Hylas and the Nymphs by J W Waterhouse

Nymphs finding the head of Orpheus by J W Waterhouse

Ophelia by Millais

Chatterton by Wallis

Autumn Leaves by Millais

Mariana by Millais

The Last of England by Ford Madox Brown

La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Frank Bernard Dicksee

The Annunciation by Frampton

Golden Stairs by Burne-Jones

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed these suggestions - some really lovely paintings.


  1. It is impossible to choose a favourite. Each painting is as beautiful and magical as the next. Thanks for posting them all together. It was a feast for the eyes!


  2. Just gorgeous! Thanks for putting them all together.

  3. It's so fun to see what everyone voted for. I agree with Debs. It is impossible to choose. These are all so dreamy and lovely.