On 19th August 2021 Thames and Hudson will be publishing Christopher Valkoinen's 
Railways ~ A History in Drawings.

Magnificent engineering drawings spanning two centuries give unique design and social perspectives on the development of railway transport. There are plans of locomotives, of carriages, and wagons, along with the stations, bridges and tunnels that were first built in the nineteenth century.  Around a million drawings have survived and are currently held in the National Railway Museum in York, which is where Christopher Valkoinen  ~ who is a qualified steam locomotive fireman ~ works in the library and archives.

The book also includes drawings from railways around the world, including the USA, Russia, Japan, India, Australia and Egypt, and therefore has international appeal. A treat for the railway enthusiasts, and indeed all who share an interest in the remarkable social and economic changes of the Victorian industrial era.

All images are copyright of Thames & Hudson, and Christopher Valkoinen

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